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Location Name Address Date
Inc/Dec Greeting Sales Skills Closing Bonus
8Fairbanks First AveFirst Avenue, Fairbanks, AK9/1/2004 1:25:07 AM44.30.044.377.830.00.00.0
7Fairbanks University AveUniversity Avenue South, Fairbanks, AK9/1/2004 2:04:45 AM33.70.033.777.820.016.70.0
1Main OfficeEide Street, Anchorage, AK9/30/2004 3:16:28 PM64.60.064.687.5130.050.013.3
11SoldotnaSterling Highway, Soldotna, AK9/30/2004 5:42:05 PM46.70.046.775.
Total for all locations: 47.0     79.444.338.95.3

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